WE WELCOME APPLICANTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. Students come to the seminary with a variety of educational, career and spiritual backgrounds. Some acquaintance with The Christian Community or anthroposophy is expected. In most cases, applicants over the age of 28 should have a college degree or vocational training.

SEMINARY CONTRIBUTION: Contributions to the seminary may be arranged in installments.  The training begins with the Fall semester.

HOUSING: Students are welcome to arrange their own accommodation.  A selection of rooms is available for rent with local community members which includes use of a shared kitchen and other shared facilities.   Please ask for more information if you are interested.

HEALTH INSURANCE: Students are responsible for their own health insurance and any medical costs. The seminary does not carry health insurance coverage for students nor can it accept any financial responsibility for students requiring medical treatment.

TO APPLY: The application process involves a preliminary telephone or in-person conversation with one of our directors, followed by an application, receipt of references and at least one formal interview with the directors.  Please email for further information and to discuss questions you may have or call the number below to leave a message.
The Seminary of the Christian Community
901 Rutherford Road
Vaughan, Ontario L6A 1S2

Tel. 905 771-0705