Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding attending a seminary open course in Toronto

Question: How do I register?
AnswerPlease contact the Registrar Janice Morgante,  845 356-0972 in the US (voice mail only; please leave a message), 905 771-0705 in Canada 

Question: Which Toronto airport should I use?
AnswerToronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)

QuestionHow do I get from the airport to my accommodations?
Answer: There are several options.

  1. Uber: approx. $50 Canadian, depending on final destination 
  2. Taxi: approx. $65.00 Canadian, depending on final destination
  3. Bus (cheapest option) from the airport to the Richmond Hill Centre Bus Terminal, then a taxi from there to your final destination.  Here is the URL for the bus schedule:

QuestionWho do I contact to help me with accommodations?
Answer: Please email Melanie Nason, Seminary Housing Co-Ordinator at  

In the email, specify as much information as possible including your contact information with phone number, identify your dates of arrival and departure with exact no. of days needed, specify if you have allergies and what they are, also if you have special requirements.  Identify if you will be driving a vehicle.

QuestionWhat kinds of accommodations are available?
Answer: There are several options.  The Seminary Housing Co-Ordinator can help you with Options 1 & 2 or alternatively, you can make your own arrangements privately with Airbnb or a hotel, Options 3 & 4.
1. A room in a home within the community*
a) 1 person in a room is $45 CAD/night or $34 US
b) 2 people in a room (either 2 singles, 1 double, 1 queen, or 1 king bed) is $70 CAD/night or $52.60 US
c) 1 person on a couch or futon is $25.00 CAD/night or $19 US

*This price includes sleeping accommodation and shower only!  You can presume there is no access to kitchen facilities unless arranged with the host/ess.

2. Airbnb: The Seminary has rented an entire house Airbnb
a) 1 queen bed at $65 CAD/night or $49 US
b) 1 full bed at $55 CAD/night or $41 US
c) 1 room with 2 twins at $40 CAD/bed/night or $30 US
d) 1 room with twin bunk beds at $25 CAD/bed/night or $19 US

This house is a 5-7-minute drive from the seminary. Please include the dates of your stay, the room you would like, and whether you would be willing to share one of the twin rooms. The link for the Airbnb, if you would like to see it, is


4. A local hotel. Some options are given below:

Travelodge by Wyndham, 10-minute drive
Best Western Parkway Hotel, 13-minute drive
Libert Suites Hotel, 15-minute drive avoiding all toll roads
Novotel Toronto, 17-minute drive
SpringHill Suites by Marriott, 18-minute drive
Homewood Suites by Hilton, 19-minute drive
Monte Carlo Inn, 19-minute drive avoiding toll road
Hilton Garden Inn, 19-minute drive avoiding toll road
Courtyard by Marriott Toronto Northeast/Markham, 20-minute drive

Note:  All travel times have been calculated during non-rush hour. It will take you longer than indicated when traveling to the seminary in the morning and evenings during rush hour.

Question: How and when do I pay for my accommodations?
Answer: If you are staying in a room in the Community, this is a financial arrangement between you and your Host/ess. Please pay the amount owing in cash, upon arrival.

If you are staying in the Airbnb that the Seminary has booked, you can pay the Registrar, Janice Morgante when you arrive for the open course, the amount owed by issuing a cheque to:  The Seminary of the Christian Community in North America.

If you have made a private arrangement with Airbnb or a hotel, you will need to book and pay with your credit card. 

Question: How do I get to and from the seminary from my accommodations
Answer: There are several options.

  1. Some accommodations are close enough to walk, weather permitting.
  2. If the weather precludes walking and there are several guests staying in one location, the seminary will send a car/cars to pick up that group of guests first thing in the morning and return them at the end of the day.
  3. Some guests will arrive by car. To facilitate carpooling, we will try to collocate these guests with others who are arriving by plane.
  4. Several guests hire an Uber together.
  5. Rent a car at the airport for the ultimate in independence!

Question: What about meals?
Answer: Breakfast will be provided as part of the open course. There are several malls within walking distance of the seminary with a variety of excellent restaurants for lunch and/or dinner. Hesperus Fellowship is an anthroposophical retirement initiative in our community.  They serve a nice breakfast and lunch and are located approximately 12 minutes walking distance. A map will be provided. There are also two grocery stores nearby for those who would like to buy food and bring it back to their accommodations. 

Question: What is the weather like?
Answer: Visitors to Canada in January should be prepared for rain or snow, both of which are likely.  However, if you’re prepared with proper clothing, you can comfortably enjoy the Toronto winter.  March weather tries to break into Spring however, there may still be rain and snow but, temperatures are warmer.