Walking with Christ – Working from Christ

“During the waning days of August 2007 from the four points of the compass, nine seekers, most members of The Christian Community, gathered together at the Chicago Seminary for five days of exploration, study and conversation on the theme. Coming together to share among ourselves on this journey is a special blessing.” Terri Bennett, NY, NY

“The theme of the week seemed to encompass the fact, that you could not possibly encompass everything. From the many people who attended, the fast pace, discussions and activities made anyone who thought they were on a retreat, realize that perhaps more than anything else, they were actually on the forefront or the charge of the Christian Community. But more than all of our differences, more than our many way’s of thinking and our prejudices, biases, varying points of view and often humorous disagreements, was the idea of our commonalities, was the idea of community life and thought, and in the center was Christ, his thinking and his presence in all of our lives…” Martin Young, Fayetteville, N.C.

“The ‘fuss’ was this – a week of the most in-depth and wondrous conversation and sharing I have ever participated in. From discussions on the four gospels, to examination of different aspects of the Act of Consecration; from opening up possibilities with the Lord’s Prayer to reflecting on what it might mean to “walk with Christ, work from Christ”, each conversation was a precious elixir which I felt nurture and deepen my spiritual awareness…” Donna Simmons, Viroqua, Wisconsin