Weekly Podcast: The Light in Every Thing

There is a voice whose call in this world pulls us up towards the light.

There is another voice whose call would have us only acknowledge and serve things.

At the seminary of The Christian Community, we work to heed the sacramental call.  

This sacramental voice is the work of Christ to unite spirit and matter, heaven and earth, inside and outside.  It is the call to not only bring the light of the spirit into the world but to develop a way of seeing that can unveil the light hidden in every thing.  

This weekly podcast would serve to share and develop this way of seeing.  From Genesis to Revelations, from gospels to novels, from movies to world-events to self-development – nothing will be off limits.  Instead, it will be about the approach, about following the guidance of the voice of the One who guides us into a sacramental work in very sphere of life.

Jonah and Patrick will often be the conversation partners, but we will bring in other voices.  Students, listeners and other priests will find their way in.  Our questions – and yours – will all be a part of the conversation as well.  

We so look forward to sharing this work with you.