The Way to the Seminary

Looking back and trying to find the starting-point, that milestone that reads “Zero”—it must be somewhere in my biography, or perhaps at a very concrete place in the world, where I started walking, knowing where I was headed.

Maybe this milestone was the conversation with Rev. Oliver Steinrueck back in October, maybe it was seeing the road to Carmen Court, both paths dotted with brilliant light. Or maybe there were multiple, overlapping roads and milestones and mile-pebbles on the roads, and big questions asked throughout my life in Brazil and in Florida?

Sometimes the questions came from within: What am I supposed to do with my life? Occasionally the questions were asked by friends: “Do you want to study at the Seminary?” I did not think so in 1996, when I first visited the Seminary in Stuttgart, together with a larger delegation of members of the Christian Community in South America. There was, however, admiration, maybe a slight envy, of the people who were allowed to study there. All these cool subjects they got to learn rather than tending to the immediate concerns of survival.

One morning in April I woke up and knew: This may be allowed, may be available, maybe even for me, who have lived this long and have felt like the workers in the parable of the owner of the vineyard, waiting, waiting, that the call would finally come for us to work where it is needed.

So I started this journey of learning more about this Master. And He has made me see the work that wants to be done inside myself, and the generous pay for all of us, independent of when we start working: the self, the radiant I.

Picture: L-R, back: Vera Swift, Brazil; Rev. Gisela Wielki; Melissa Barton, USA; David Buckner, USA; Linda Michaels, US; Bastiaan Baan, Seminary Director; Manuel Toro, Colombia. Front: Olive Nicole Wells, USA; Dorothea Foerster, Germany.