The Road to Emmaus: Episode 1 – Origins – Easter and the Problem of the Human Ego

This is the beginning. We know that many of you are forced to stay at home during this extraordinary time of the coronavirus pandemic.  We know that many of you were unable to celebrate Easter in community this year.  To bridge the distance, we want to invite you into our conversation on the riddles and mystery of Easter. 

In this first episode, we tell the story of our journey of deep theological and spiritual wrestling with the questions of what happened on that first Easter Sunday some 2000 years ago and what significance this event have for each human being today.

This first podcast is open to the public to give anyone a chance to get to know us and our approach.  Each day (except Saturdays) over the 40 days of Easter we will post a new audio recording for our patrons.  We hope these simple efforts may be, through the grace of Christ, of some blessing to you in these extraordinary times.

And we thank you all for your support!

– With special thanks to Abigail and Nathaniel for the beautiful music!