The Light in Every Thing Podcast: An Introduction

What if a major part of healing our world had simply to do with how we look at it?

Is it not the light of the world that is needed to illuminate the darkness of our minds, our lives and our world?

In this first, introductory episode, we introduce the whole approach to our podcast and the way of seeing we cultivate here at the seminary, born of living conversation in the light of Christ.

Jonah Evans and Patrick Kennedy are priests in the Christian Community and directors at the Seminary in North America located in the Greater Toronto Area.  They introduce the goal and scope of the new weekly seminary podcast, “The Light in Every Thing” in this short introductory episode.

This weekly podcast will be published here, on the seminary’s Patreon site, first.  The support of you, our patrons, helps make an education in a renewed Christianity possible.  Thank you!