The Light in Every Thing: Episode 3 – Called to Account by the Spirit

On this Holy Festival day of Pentecost, Jonah and Patrick contemplate the nature of the Holy Spirit.  The event of the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, stirs a deeper, thoroughgoing investigation of how the healing activity of the Holy Spirit is connected with being ‘called to account’.   

The conversation attempts to uncover how this experience of having our culpability, our guilt, appear to us through the light of the Spirit actually has healing power for the core of who we are.  The conversation leads to such an powerful place, it closes with a prayer.  A prayer and song of healing (“There is a Balm in Gilead“) emerges for the first time on our podcast.

Dear friends, please feel welcomed to share your questions, prayers, thoughts, concerns and responses to this moment and this podcast.

Resources for this episode include:

– The Holy Spirit’s work as described in chapter 16 of the Gospel of John, particularly verses 7-14.

Our thanks to Elliott Chamberlin who composed the opening music, “On the Road”, the musical interlude, “Water of Life” and the closing music, “Seeking Together”.  You can find more of his music here