The Light in Every Thing: Episode 21 – Michael, Cosmic Christianity and the Healing Spirit in the Heart

Today we share one of the talks from last week’s webinar on Michael and the Call to a Universal Spirituality.  In this contemplation of Michael’s working we focus on what it is Michael wants to bring us to heal the divisions that prevent us from being united across all divisions and differences: the Holy or Healing Spirit.

What happens in a human heart that feels the Healing Spirit pouring into it?  And how does Michael lead us, through the vision this Spirit gives us, into a way of seeing that discovers Christ’s working in the world, in the cosmos – as well as in his deed of life and death on Golgotha? – These are the guiding questions of this episode.


– Blackboard and Quote: Patrick wrote elements from the following quote by Rudolf Steiner on the blackboard during the talk: “Now, however, they were as transformed: like people who had achieved a new state of mind or soul disposition, like people who had lost all the narrow restrictions, all the egotism of life, who had gained an infinitely wide heart and all-embracing tolerance, a deeply heartfelt understanding of all that is human on earth. They could also express themselves so that everyone present could understand them. One felt also that they could see into each heart and soul and clarify the secrets of the soul, so they could comfort the other, could tell him exactly what he needed.” – Rudolf Steiner in The Fifth Gospel, lecture 2, October 2, 1913.

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Our thanks to Elliott Chamberlin who composed the opening music, “On the Road” and the closing music, “Seeking Together”.  You can find more of his music here.