The Light in Every Thing: Episode 14 – Love Part II – Love and the “Father”

Jonah and Patrick take up a heartfelt request from David Evans.  Here is part of what he wrote, “My request is that I would be very interested to hear you discuss The Great Love that Christ describes as coming from the Father. The deep ground of Love. It seems that all loving acts are first framed in this Great Love.”

To honor this request, Jonah and Patrick dive deep into one of the references he asked us to explore: the story of the Prodigal Son in the Gospel of Luke.

This episode is dedicated to Edward Reaugh Smith, whom many of you may know as the the author of The Burning Bush.  He died this past August 12th, as I was informed by his widow, Jo Anne.  What he shared with me as to how he dedicated thousands of hours of his life working through every sentence of Rudolf Steiner’s in relationship to scripture was deeply moving.  It was his original insight, presented in the Burning Bush, to recognize in the story of the prodigal son the archetype of all evolution – world and personal.  Thank you for your service to the spirit, dear brother Edward!

Our thanks to Elliott Chamberlin who composed the opening music, “On the Road” and the closing music, “Seeking Together”.  You can find more of his music here

Episode Notes, References and Resources

– For a full rendition of the parable discussed today, read chapter 15 in the gospel according to Luke.