The Light in Every Thing: Episode 12 – Basketball, the Tao and the Mysteries of the Will

We are back and so glad to pick up the conversation again.

In this episode, Jonah returns from his summer vacation to join Patrick for a conversation on sport.  In particular, basketball.  Sport takes up a massive portion of our current culture, particularly here in North America.  The amount of money, time, creativity and effort that is poured into the playing of games is truly astonishing and the amount of hours spent simply watching sports and sports highlights.  What is the draw?  Is there something about sports that actually speaks to something deep with the human soul and spirit?

As usual, we went into this conversation wholly ‘fresh’ with no special preparation, and it takes us through childhood experiences of basketball, the secrets of the Tao, Christianity and the ‘Mysteries of the Will’.  We hope you are able to see sport in a new light by the end and look forward to your comments.

Our thanks to Elliott Chamberlin who composed the opening music, “On the Road” and the closing music, “Seeking Together”.  You can find more of his music here

Episode Notes, References and Resources (in order of ‘appearance’)

– A wonderful video meditation on the game of baskeball and homage to the late, great Kobe Bryant can be found here.

James Naismith, the Canadian who invented basketball, the world’s second most popular sport.

Reinhold Nieber, new-orthodox Theolgian, wrote the book Jonah referred to, Beyond Tragedy, and is the author of one of the most important and well known prayers from the 20th century, The Serenity Prayer.

– “The Last Dance” is a documentary on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls from the late 90s that aired on Netflix this summer when no other sports leagues were open because of the pandemic.

Correction: The number of baseball games in a season is 162.

– Patrick refers to “The Catch”, a play made in an American Football game in 1981.  The quarterback, Joe Montana, threw a touchdown pass to Dwight Clark of the San Francisco 49ers.

– Patrick and Jonah consider the phenomena of sport, especially the draw it has for so many men.  The element of will and of sport, however, is especially  something In our time that is a powerful draw for both women and men.  Last summer’s women’s world cup is a great example!

– The Tao and Basketball – Kobe Bryant, rest in peace, does a beautiful little video on the magice of ‘playing as one’ in a video homage to the Golden State Warriors who play(ed) in Oakland, California titled, “The Golden Democracy” 

– You can take a look at the work of Georg Kuhlewind, meditation and the “Soft Will” here.

– ”The Mysteries of Will” – See more from Rudolf Steiner on this topic at Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts, p.. 70, “Leading Thought” #105; lecture 2 of The Apocalypse of St. John