The Light in Every Thing: Arts Wednesday With Victoria Capon

Dear Patrons,

This is the first of seven Arts Wednesdays meant to introduce you to those human beings who are closest to being ordained here at The Seminary of the Christian Community in North America. These students now stand before the last threshold in the priest-training, with ordinations planned for May of 2021, and will begin their ‘preparation course’ this January. Each one will contemplate a work – or works – of art that speak to their path and Christ’s working in the world in some way.

We begin with Victoria Capon, who leads us into a contemplation of the beautiful crewel embroidery of her grandmother.  She writes, “I cherished the times I could watch her work with needle and delicate wool, her hands knew how to create such beauty out of tiny intricate stitches. I will never forget watching the first outlines of the buildings and windows come, then the walls, towers and domes appeared. The windows and doors that let the blue of the heavens shine through and became eyes to the soul of the painting, letting me in to explore possibilities…”

You can read the whole piece and see the beautiful embroidery here, at our seminary blog.