The Inner Seed

By Olive Wellis

Seeds have the same chemistry as ash; they are what’s left after the all-con- suming fire of summer. This is a small glimpse from the wisdom Daniel Hafner shared with us during our study Christ and the Earth, and this is what I feel ready to share with you all at this point on my journey: contemplation on the seed.

I feel a great change within, a wonderful painful purifying process, a burning.
I feel a seed ready for the dark months ahead. To be held within the loving soil of the Seminary, to be offered a place for journeying into the dark unknown to find the inner space that holds the ever-glowing light.

I’m letting go of that within me that must be consumed in order to create the ash for the divine seed to form and awaken. The seed, with chemistry like ash, is also the place where hope for the future waits. It is the promise of spring, of new beginnings, and this I can feel so clearly. !

In the shadows lay slumbering seeds, awaiting the call of the light.
May we offer a space for the light to shine within us, that our soul’s seed may bear its fruitful spirit.
A fruit that we can offer at heaven’s golden table.

—Olive Wells

Painting by Olive Wells