Next Steps

By Bastiaan Baan

This summer I was invited to teach in Australia, where a group of eleven mostly young people are working in a pre-Seminary setting in order to prepare for the priest training. Most of them look forward to joining us in Spring Valley; in fact several have already applied for next year. Students from several countries are knocking at our door.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for foreign students to obtain visas for a stay longer than only a few months. To address this issue, our Seminary Board is investigating the possibility of applying for accreditation for the Seminary, a process that will require a major investment of time and money. We will need to hire an administrator who will have the immensely challenging task of preparing this application; the process may take two years.

A second area that will require additional resources is operating support for the planned expansion of our programs: From now on, we will have students in different semesters working at the same time.

Finally, we need to create a tuition fund for those students who are unable to pay the full amount of the Seminary tuition. In our last Seminary Newsletter, this initiative was announced for the first timeā€”and resulted in fifteen generous contributions for this purpose.

Please be generous in your support for the Seminary and the vitally important initiatives that we are developing. Our small but vibrant group of students will become even stronger through your active interest and helping thoughts!

Please use the envelope in this newsletter to send your check to the Seminary. Thank you, on behalf of our students, teachers, and the Seminary Board.

Poem and drawing by Olive Wells from art class