Help Us To Help

You will find enclosed in this Seminary Newsletter an envelope in which we ask you please to send us a check! Your contribution enables us to help all of our students. We can keep the Seminary tuition modest only when a group of friends supports us. Donations marked “Tuition Fund” will help students pay for their training. In addition, we will need some extra support to organize our geology course in Colorado and Utah in September, and as you read at the beginning of this issue, we will also have to invest substantially in the work of our new administrator.
Please help us to help—and to set sail for our future goals!


By the strength of our fathers who have plowed the black earth By our youthful wonder that has scraped the high sky.
May we, as an iron bridge between two worlds, stand free.

As iron plows dark earth and scrapes bright clouds,
As blood bears the might of our fathers and lifts the sight of our children, As an iron bridge between two worlds,
Will man stand free?

— Manuel Toro from the class “The World of Things”