Bridging the Divide – with Laurens Hornemann

In this moment in history, the powers that divide us are intensifying.  These forces separate us from one another, from a true relationship with the earth and an awareness of the divine.  The sacramental work of the priest in each one of us is expressed in the work to bridge these divides.

Part of how we can do that is through the art of conversation.

Once a month (at least) we will be sharing conversations with our listeners that serve this intention.  These will be that reach across cultures, geographies, traditions and perspectives.

Today, our first one of the year, is with Laurens Hornemann, priest in the congregation of The Christian Community in Dortmund, Germany.  As a Christian Community priest, Laurens is, in many ways, near to us and the bridge is a small one to build.  But we take a moment bridge across the Atlantic Ocean to hear how the pandemic is being experienced there, in Germany and in his congregation. 

Laurens himself has made brave and excellent efforts in sharing his authentic efforts to speak into this moment of the pandemic by creating a YouTube page with video talks.  Of particular interest is one on the healing power of illness and death that has almost 10,000 views and now English subtitles.

After hearing about how things are going with the virus we reach deeper into the question: what is this pandemic revealing that was perhaps hidden before?  What is it asking of you in your life with Christ and as a priest?

We want to thank Laurens so much for his time, honesty and deep insights and hope you receive something from this conversation.