Arts Wednesday – Elizabeth Majoros on Advent and the “Sabbath” Poetry of Wendell Berry

This is the fifth of seven pieces meant to introduce our friends and patrons to participants in our ordination preparation course at The Seminary of the Christian Community in North America. Each one will contemplate a work – or works – of art that speak to their path and Christ’s working in the world in some way.  We have heard from Victoria Capon, Jeana Lee, Mimi Coleman and Lesley Waite. Today we introduce you to Elizabeth Majoros.

(Elizabeth is pictured, second from the left)

In this beautiful piece, Elizabeth leads us into the mysteries of Advent, touching gospel passages, personal experiences with her family and community in Atlanta and the words of the poet-farmer, Wendell Berry: “It get’s darker and darker, and then Jesus is born.”  In the following passage you get a taste of how she captures the tension and call of the season:

“…nearly all of us were struggling with the truth that just as we were wanting to pause and go inwards, the cares of the world, the activities of the season, and the preparations for Christmas itself threatened our sense of peace. The best I have ever been able to offer has been to acknowledge that this suffering world is the one into which the holy child was born and is continually born anew, and to help bring these two worlds together: the world of suffering, and the world of Christ’s peace…”. You can read the whole piece on our seminary blog here.