And Now?

Boston is beautiful this time of year. The trees are changing and their leaves

are beginning to fall and all around one encounters students studying. The atmosphere is particularly focused. Here I find myself, continuing my Seminary training, if perhaps not in an entirely traditional way. Before stepping into the final semester that prepares one for ordination, I am wishing to have a wider experience of religion and Christianity in North America, while at the same time to deepen my relationship with the Christian Community.

Through the grace of patience and the aid of mentors, the idea and then reality came together to pursue a part-time certificate training at a Divinity school in Boston while working as a ministry assistant in the Boston Christian Community. There are so many things I wish to refine and develop in myself in order to be prepared to work in service of Christ, and one that I am focusing on through this experience is language learning. Can I understand my brothers and sisters who are also seeking the Spirit, and have no connection to Anthroposophy or the Christian Community? Is my own thinking clear and unfettered by jargon or lazy descriptions?

This is one of the learning challenges I have chosen for myself for this year and
I believe being with the Boston congregation and in the Boston Divinity schools will support me along the way. So, while it may seem on the outside as though I am stepping away from my path to becoming ordained, I am in fact on the inside still very much on my way and I am so grateful to the congregations that have supported me along this journey and the Seminaries in the US and Germany for their continued interest in and care for my preparation.

by Emma Heirman