A New Beginning

After a year of relative quiet in our building, the Seminary is full of life again. While the Act of Consecration of Man is celebrated each morning at the church, someone is already preparing breakfast for our nine students.

After a full morning program, there are usually practical lessons in the afternoon: eurythmy, speech, and work at the Seminary and in our garden. Almost every week, the students meet a new guest-teacher. A special feature of this group of students is that they want to make a deeper connection to these teachers—not only during lessons, but also to the people they are outside the classroom. The students invite each teacher to join them for a dinner at the dormitory, where they listen to stories of their life and work. The students also use as many opportunities as possible to sing together. It makes our house seem more like a bustling youth hostel than a quiet monastery!

In November, our ninth student joined us: Lisa Hildreth is in her fourth year of study and in the final portion of her priest training. In December, we will hear more about a possible priest ordination next spring.

In the winter/spring semester we will offer three Open Courses, in which we hope to meet many of our friends and supporters of the Seminary. For the program, see the last page of this newsletter!


Picture: Javelin throwing in speech class