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Are you a Friend of the Seminary of the Christian Community?

Have you experienced the life-giving sustenance of the sacraments? 

Are you committed to a steady stream of priests being ordained in North America to ensure the future of sacramental life?

Have you attended Seminary Open Courses in the past?

Are you no longer close to a local congregation and miss community life?

Are you a dedicated listener to our new Patreon podcast “The Light in Every Thing”?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may already be a friend of the Seminary! We invite you to make it official and join our Friends Circle. 

The Friends Circle is a relatively young initiative that continues to evolve. We are made up of individuals from all over the world who are committed to the ongoing, sustaining life of The Seminary of The Christian Community in North America and its mission in the world. We have grown to feel that we also now participate in that life through our prayers, dedicated interest, and financial gifts. It is our common experience that we receive much more than we give.

One of the special opportunities Friends Circle members have is to take part in live monthly Zoom calls with Seminary directors, Revs. Patrick Kennedy and Jonah Evans. Here we catch up on seminary news, hear from the students themselves, and have the opportunity to ask questions of the directors. We’ve been given access to study material, pamphlets, and early invitations to participate in recorded Webinars and Open Courses. Previous titles include The Mystery of the Holy Spirit, Awakening the Altar of the Heart, and The New Revelation of Christ: The Second Coming and the ‘Lord of Karma.’

Related but separate to the Friends Circle is the Seminary’s new podcast The Road to Emmaus hosted on the Patreon website under the Creator name “The Light in Every Thing”. We are just beginning to explore the possibilities that this platform will allow for. Stay tuned! 


1) If I am a member of the Friends Circle, do I automatically get access to the Patreon podcasts?

No, not automatically. The only way to receive access to the podcast is to sign up through (search The Light in Every Thing in the Creator search engine). This will require a minimum monthly contribution of $3. 

If you were a monthly contributor via the Seminary website or regular mail, we encourage you to switch your contribution method to Patreon. To do so, simply cancel your monthly PayPal contribution to the Seminary and subscribe via Patreon (do not unsubscribe to the Friends Circle email list*).  There are several benefits to the seminary if you are willing to do this and there are and will be numerous added benefits to you! The capacity of to deliver and store videos, podcasts, interviews, etc. far exceeds what the Seminary is capable of and diverts precious time and energy from its primary mission. Thank you for your understanding!


Monthly Friends Circle Zoom Calls are on Sundays at 4pm EST.

If you have subscribed to the Friends Circle using the form on the Seminary website, below, you will receive a reminder and links the week before each meeting from NA Seminary. Our upcoming meeting is June 21st.

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